Location: Loveland, Colorado

First Place in the Enterprise Challenge

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Decibullz® creates earphones and earpieces that are easily and quickly molded to the exact shape of a person’s ears. This creates a perfect fitting earphone that will never hurt and never fall out.

Decibullz is passionate about enabling people to comfortably listen to their mobile devices regardless of the activities they are participating in. Whether it is base-jumping off a waterfall or browsing the web at a local coffee shop, people can count on Decibullz to keep their earphones secure and comfortable. Decibullz are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle. Decibullz are simply the best way to fully experience a mobile device.

Decibullz is a manufacturing and technology company. It designs, manufactures and distributes its unique brand of affordable custom-molded earphones and earpieces. For the past three years, the company has been turning its unique concepts and designs into amazing, award-winning products.

The Decibullz earpiece was created to make the custom molding process affordable, quick and easy.

The unique Decibullz earpiece is composed of a nontoxic and biodegradable thermoplastic that makes the molding process remarkably simple: the mold is heated in water, either by microwave or on the kitchen stove, and allowed to cool to slightly above room temperature. The user then presses the mold to his ear, molding it to an exact fit in about four minutes. Once the material has cooled, the user has an amazingly comfortable earphone that will never fall out.

If the fit isn’t perfect the first time, Decibullz can be remolded until users get the fit they want. It is the only custom earphone system in the world that is re-moldable.

Decibullz currently manufactures and distributes custom-molded earphones and custom-molded earphone adapters. The company soon will be adding Bluetooth devices, hearing aid adapters, and security/military radio adapters to its product line.